Conférence de Géraldine Le Roux sur l’art des ghostnets

du vendredi 10 novembre 2023 au samedi 11 novembre 2023

Newcastle University, Journée entière

Atelier de l’EASA (Anthropology of the Arts network workshop),

“Re-Worlding Relations: Anthropology, Art, and Design”

Conférence de Géraldine Le Roux.


Abstract of Géraldine Le Roux’s paper:

A certain number of ghostnet artists claim that in collecting and weaving lost or abandoned fishing nets they are simultaneously “saving a life” and connecting with their (sea) country. As such, this is a good example of how artists are exploring practices of arranging the world otherwise, and the incredible success of ghostnet art shows us that many spectators are attracted to this possibility. This is why it is relevant to attach the concept of “re-worlding” to ghostnet art, because this art movement isn’t simply an action lead by a passive encounter with something new. Ghostnet artists and spectators focus their attention on a certain experience, and develop an active engagement with the materiality of the object that the interaction reveals in a deeper way.

In this paper, I discuss the ghostnet art movement and present a project of designing a tactile-illustrated book, developed under the core of OSPAPIK. I am hoping that this research project will set out a path of reworlding for new sensitive and sustainable relationships with existing waste.­­

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Lieu : Newcastle University