Portrait of Estelle Castro Koshy

Estelle Castro-Koshy

Co-director and researcher

Estelle Castro-Koshy has been working with Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander writers, performers and filmmakers since 2003, and with Indigenous writers and artists from French Polynesia since 2006. She is the co-director and a researcher at OSPAPIK, and has published over 80 publications on Australian and French Polynesian Indigenous literatures and in Oceanian literary and cultural studies.


Estelle is also an Adjunct Principal Research Fellow à James Cook University, Australia, and a translator. Her translation, Un homme de sagesse : Paroles de Banjo Clarke, Aborigène australien, à Camilla Chance (Au Vent des îles, 2017), was a runner-up for the 2018 national “Revelation” Translation prize from the French Society of People of Letters. Through collaborative writing, (co-)editing books, co-directing films, and the organisation of cultural events (such as a literary festival and an exhibition), Estelle has been working for over twenty years to promote Indigenous Oceanic literature in Europe, Oceania and the United States. For instance, Estelle has co-edited two books and a special issue on Alexis Wright’s novel Carpentaria for the agrégation and CNED.


Her recent publications also include, as editor, Maruao, les ailes de l’infini: Poèmes et essais bilingues de Flora Aurima Devatine et essais sur son oeuvre. / Maruao, the Wings of Infinity: Poems and Essays in English and French by Flora Aurima Devatine and Studies of her work. Flora Aurima Devatine (Littéramā’ohi, Papeete; H-France Salon, and as a co-author with Tokainiua Devatine, an article entitled “Polynesianising and Regenerating Urban Spaces: An Analysis of the Artworks and Interventions of the Centre des Métiers d’Art de Polynésie française and of its artists.” TAJA. She was the co-curator with Arnaud Morvan of the exhibition, Blak Beauty : Itinéraires poétiques de l’Australie aborigène (La Chapelle – art contemporain, 2021-2022).


Estelle co-directed with Géraldine Le Roux two special issues of eTropic and Anthrovision.


She is currently completing a work on Australian First Nations literature for Actes Sud, and is co-directing a film with Tokainiua Devatine and Matahi Tutavae entitled: Flora Aurima Devatine: Les étoiles de l’aurore. Te feti´a taiao ´averau (prod. ‘Arere Media).